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Our tea specialities for at home

Tea variety for the home

High-quality tea for your home

With us, everything revolves around the art of preparing the perfect tea - according to your taste and preferences. Discover our diverse selection of tea varieties, whether in practical bags, as high-quality loose leaves or for quick preparation as sticks.

Loose Leaf Tea

Celebrating individuality

To appreciate the individuality and complexitiy of loose leaf tea, the preparation is certainly more complicated, than simply placing a bag in hot water. You need a little more time and the right equipment such as a tea strainer and on some ocassions even a fine scale. It is up to you how much tea you would like to use for the preparation and what else you would like to add. Thus loose tea offers tea drinks more individuality than tea bags. In addition, you can decide between different types of preparation, such as the classic tea strainer, a special tea pot or the preparation with a Samovar.

Tea Bag

Tea Tipis®

Beautifully portioned and wrapped for a real unboxing experience!

The TIPI is a protective cover made of special paper for the biodegradable pyramid shaped tea bags. They are ideal for an upscale restaurant, hotel, catering service or simply the office. The visually appealing unit is filled with 50 TIPIS, and can be further used as a dispenser.

Tea Sticks

Ideal for to go

Enjoy your lifestyle with a touch of tea. A perforated foil tea stick, intentionally designed to diffuse the full aroma of Bistrotea's exquisite flavours and fragrance into each cup. Unlike when using traditional filter paper, which could absorb the tea's natural aromas, we help you make the perfect cup of tea at home or on the go!

Nespresso®* Capsules

At The Touch Of A Button

Organic tea in biodegradable tea capsules for your Nespresso* machine. Finest tea enjoyment in just a few seconds.

To delight people all over the world with natural and sustainable tea refreshment in a matter of seconds, is the aim of our tea capsules. Our modern tea capsule is the perfect alternative to a tea bag. Finest tea enjoyment: fast, simple, sustainable - Make Tea Simple!

All our products combine the love of a good cup of tea but not at the expense of the environment or of third parties. That's why we have a solution that combines both quick preparation, delightful tea consumption with a clean conscience.