Our organic teas

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Ceylon Tea

Organic Black Tea

Black tea is more oxidized than green tea. Black tea is generally stronger in flavour than the less oxidized teas. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis.

Our black teas come from the best estates in Ceylon. Each year they are presented in numerous tastings and the best are voted on. Most recently we hand-picked two estates in the Dimbula and Uva regions. These "High Grown" teas are characterised by a fine inimitable taste and bright colour. The estates hosting the current winning teas, along with the descriptions of their winning attributes can be found on our packages. The estate produces the finest highgrown teas in Ceylon, but maintains two other priorities besides exceptional tea; the people and the environment. LK-BIO-149

Our robust black teas come from the Nilmini estate, which is possibly the finest tea garden in the Ruhuna region for certified organic black tea, home to pure Ceylon Tea.

Nilmini tea estate lies in the little known subdivision of Neluwa, on the fringe of one of the world’s last remaining rain forest reserves, namely Sinharaja.

Its unique micro climate produces lush tea bushes with leaves that create a rare, sweet, caramelly, full bodied cup of tea, that goes well with a drop of milk. If drunk plain its best steeped for about 3 minutes unless you like your cup of Bistrotea really strong.

Nilmini estate is the founder of the Aluwana Hithakara Tea Producers Society which is a cooperative of smallholders (tea farmers) certified under Fairtrade.


An ancient medicinal plant

Organic Green Tea

Green tea is less oxidized than black tea. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis.

Japanese Green Tea

Our great Sencha comes from a small tea garden in the Shizuoka prefecture. Ichiban Cha which literally means "new tea", is picked by hand in spring, soon after the cherry blossom festival season. Whether as a refreshment or taste bud tickling pick-me-up, this green delicacy, rich in antioxidants, is sure to be your favourite green tea sooner than later. 



Ceylon Green Tea

The Sanquar tea plantation is nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains and cascading waterfalls up in the Kandy district. This picturesque property carries a historical value, as it is said to be the hideout of king Dutugemunu, before he was crowned king of Sri Lanka.

Sanquar is situated in the mid country wet zone and experiences both the monsoon as well as the inter monsoons. The average temperature stands at 25-30°C and records an annual rainfall of 2000 mm.

Sanquar is one of the oldest tea plantations in Sri Lanka and its history goes back to the 19th century. Most of the tea fields of Sanquar are old enough to produce some of the best green tea on the island. This estate used to be managed by M/s Rosehaugh Ceylon Tea Company Ltd. up to 16th October 1975.

Since August 1999 a part of this estate has been converted into organic cultivation and all chemicals and synthetic fertilizer applications have been suspended in the tea field and within two years the estate obtained the organic status from SKAL international.

Currently the estate has 60% organic cultivation and the rest is inorganic which uses minimum quantum of chemicals which is far below the recommended levels. By having strict measures Sanquar is able to produce some of the “cleanest tea” in the country.

The workforce consists of workers from all three major ethnicities  in Sri Lanka and their unity and harmony is one of the key factors in the plantation. The workforce on Sanquar is well looked after and they are provided with necessary amenities such as housing, water, electricity, day care centres, schools, dispensaries, sports clubs etc.

The distance to Sanquar estate is only 150 Kms from the city of Colombo and can also be reached by rail which is a wonderful experience in itself!


Tea from East Asia

Organic Red Tea

Red tea is often used to describe black tea in the Far East because of its reddish colour. Unlike green tea it is highly oxidized.

Ceylon Red Tea

Is produced entirely from the leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis and utilizes no foreign substances to influence the unique colour of the leaves. It also makes a great iced tea.

Ceylon which uses the orthodox method of tea production, records the world's highest levels of antioxidants found in tea leaves. Certain high grown teas have been found to have more red colouring in the leaves, a desirable characteristic for the creation of supreme quality blends for a sophisticated Japanese market.


From the leaf buds

Organic White Tea

What makes White Tea (also called Silver Tips) so special is the fact that is composed almost exclusively of long tea buds. 

Silver Tips

It is grown in the central high regions of Ceylon in a tea garden called Forest Creek. The surrounding nature and waterfalls make this tea a unique experience. It is an extremely rare tea with a very light fruity flavour and is packed with antioxidants that give it enormous health potential. 


Green tea speciality

Organic Matcha

To produce it, every vein of the fresh green tea leaves are painstakingly removed. They are then stone ground in dark rooms for 24 hours into a micro-fine powder to protect all its goodness.

Our Matcha is from Uji, Japan and is selected by Masahiro Takada. It is still traditionally cultivated and further processed. To produce it, every vein of the fresh green tea leaves is painstakingly removed. They are then stone ground in dark rooms for 24 hours into a micro-fine powder to protect all its goodness. 



The Matcha tea that you can buy in our shop is of the best organic quality and comes from the Japanese province of Uji.

For fruit lovers

Organic Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea is not really a tea by definition, but it is just so delicious. 

All about that berry! Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) is a small red berry which is native to certain remote regions of China, Tibet and Mongolia. Sometimes referred to as a natural stimulant, the goji berry has played a central role in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. But never mind the health claims, our Fruit Berry tastes berry berry fantastic! 


Ingredients: Hibiscus, goji berry flavour, sweet blackberry leaves, red beet, elderberries, goji juice concentrate


Tea with tradition

Organic Herbal Tea

Not only wanted when sick. Herbal Teas can taste brilliant when composed right.

From the region

While being a Munich based tea house, our products and tea expertise have been sourced far and wide. We attach great importance to the origin of all our products. For our herbal and fruit teas, we do not have to look far. The finest herbs and berries are at our doorstep. We handpicked the best Bavarian suppliers and built partnerships that have lasted decades. New herbal and fruit infusions that develop from the region are delicious and exciting, and you can count on us to bring the best varieties to you.

Our Herbs 'n Honey

Mozart and Kate's midnight special. Hello all you beautiful people, step right up and get a taste of our magnificent revitalizing, tantalizing, exhilarating and invigorating herbal composition. Put some honey in your tummy with some yummy spearmint, rooibus, eucalyptus and immortality-boosting fennel. Oops, we've forgotten to mention the wild orange leaves. A midsummer night's dream for all year round. DE-ÖKO-037 Ingredients: Spearmint, rooibos, eucalyptus, fennel, wild orange leaves, flavour (orange- honey) Caffeine-free.

Our Rooibos

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is used to make a national drink in South Africa. It is a plant belonging to the legume family (Fabaceae). More than 300 years ago, the inhabitants of the Cederberg Mountains discovered that they could make a refreshing drink from the needle-like leaves of the Rooibos. The plant creates a mild and all-round taste, is naturally caffeine free and is known for its relaxing properties.

A Japanese speciality

Organic Wild Cherry Tea

Made from wild cherry leaves.

Unique flavour

Experience the rare taste of Japan's spring winds with this all-natural, caffeine-free hot beverage. Enjoy the unique aroma of cherry leaves from a small wild cherry garden in the Shizuoka prefecture. 


Traditional tea from Caylon

Organic Chai Tea

Chai is simply the word for tea in many parts of the world. Masala chai is a combination of tea with various spices that will give you a whole new taste experience.

Ayurvedic recipe

There are countless varieties of family recipes that have been passed down and refined over the centuries and our ayurvedic blend is based on a traditional Chai recipe from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). Sri Lanka is a land naturally rich in spices and is on the silk-road. Such heritage along with ayurvedic teachings of Sri Lanka, have shaped this Chai composition. Do enjoy the culinary diversity and wealth that you will find in our Chai!


Organic Tea

Because we believe in it

Everything about our organic teas

The or­gan­ic tea is en­vi­ron­men­tal sus­tain­able, is said to have a bet­ter taste and is GMO-free. A bio dist­inc­tive mark on our pack­ag­ing helps the con­sumer rec­og­nize that it is certified organic tea. Registration No.: DE-ÖKO-037

Our pledge is to go even further and offer you the tastiest, smartest and the CLEANEST teas

Clean cultivation (free from chemical fertilizer)

Clean conscience (ethically sourced)

Clean environment (no deforestation, low carbon footprint)

Clean color (bright amber or green without murkiness and sediment)

Clean aroma (appetizing smell of freshly harvested teas) 

Clean taste (needs no further explanation)