We are aware of our responsibility

We are not only committed to high standards in our operations, but aim to improve and uphold the socio-economic environment of the communities we and our suppliers work with and around. In knowing this, one is truly able to enjoy a cup of our tea.

We have invested in our own organic tea and spice gardens to guarantee that the process is how it is supposed to be from the crop to your cup  .

  • Constant monitoring and continuous improvement of our practices
  • Careful maintenance of property, land and its terrain
  • Free knowledge transfer through our tea academy
  • Use of biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • End to end sustainable farming methods
  • Use of hydro and solar power
  • Organic certified cultivation
  • Fair compensation 

Sustainable Packaging and Innovation

In today's consumer conscious landscape, packaged goods stand as champions of sustainability. Contrary to common perception, well-designed packaging plays a pivotal role in reducing waste and environmental impact. Our products undergo meticulous planning, utilizing materials that ensure product safety while minimizing ecological footprint.

Packaging serves as a shield, safeguarding goods throughout their journey, extending their shelf life, and significantly reducing food waste. Thoughtfully designed packaging reduces the need for preservatives and enables efficient transportation, curbing carbon emissions. Moreover, advancements in recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable packaging options signal a shift towards a circular economy.

Innovation leads the charge, as we strive to create packaging that's lighter, more efficient, and made from renewable resources. They represent an evolving commitment towards a greener future, showcasing that sustainability and convenience can harmoniously coexist in future.

With every new product, we try to do our part to improve environmental protection. This is the only way to really enjoy a cup of tea.