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Masahiro Takada

a man with an incomparable passion for tea.

For Masahiro Takada tea is not just the oldest beverage, it is a way of life.  Masahiro comes from Uji, in Kyoto, where they treat each step from growing to the preparation and serving of tea with a spiritual significance. Tea takes a special place in his life. After all he is a tea master in the 4th generation.

His company Takada Tea House Chanoka dates back to 1900, where his great grandfather Tsunekiti Takada  started his first tea garden. Ever since, family Takada have dedicated their whole life towards growing and marketing their wonderful teas. Hence it was possible to introduce special traditional Japanese teas which were unheard of in the western hemisphere in those days. As a result of his hard work, he is well on his way to making Japanese teas and ceremonies popular all over the world today. 

Although family Takada is conscious of the fact that they are duty bound to preserve and spread the traditional Japanese tea culture, they are curious and open-minded. In fact they will go out of their way to introduce new lifestyles of tea drinking, even in competition to instant and ready-made tea drinks. 

Whether it is for a client or any tea lover, an extraordinary quality of tea from their home tea garden reflects the highest standard which has been set by the family Takada. Masahiro's firm belief is that only a healthy tea bush can produce a very special tea.

Masahiro Takada has made it his mission to share with the world, the marvels of the devout Japanese tea ceremony. Being a perfectionist and a meticulous quality controller himself, Masahiro took a fancy to Bistrotea for the same reason amongst others.

The very first day he saw Bistrotea at an exhibition in Salzburg in 2011, he decided to be the sole representative for Bistrotea in Japan. Masahiro has supported Bistrotea in many ways but his biggest contribution has been his fantastic matcha creation for both the Tpod as well as the Bistrotea capsule. 

Masahiro Takada san is Bistrotea's most valuable fan today!

For more Information about Takada Tea House Chanoka or Bistrotea Japan visit: 
www.chanoka.com or www.bistrotea-chanoka.jp 

Martin Bauer

The name Martin Bauer has stood for reliable and premium-quality herbal and fruit infusions, medicinal teas, flavoured black and green teas. The Martin Bauer product range boasts more than 200 plants. Martin Bauer is committed to a consistent quality philosophy. This is based on premium-quality, independently tested botanicals, as well as tried-and-tested production methods.