Ethical Charter

Tea production with heart and respect. Our commitment to ethical action.

Our responsibility

Ethical Charter

To whom it may concern:

By virtue of our craft, we wish to confirm that, we adhere to the following principles and are operating in compliance with all, including but not limited to, applicable labour  laws and regulations relating to labour, worker health, safety, sanitation and the environment.

Our work and standards are continuously audited and monitored by government and non-government institutions, certifying bodies, as well as our
clients, who we encourage to see our practices at work. The latest audits in 2023 have been performed by Control Union Netherlands, a company named The Mood which is headquartered in Lithuania and tea master Masahiro Takada from Kyoto Japan.

Formally we wish to confirm that our factories are in compliance with:

  • Employs workers without discriminations (e.g. race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, marital status) 
  • Pays them equal remuneration for equal work.
  • Does not use involuntary labour of any kind including prison labour dept bondage or forced labour.
  • Complies with applicable - Wages Board decisions and Regulations. 
  • Meets the applicable minimum legal age requirement and complies with all applicable child labour laws. Currently the youngest employee is 28 years of age
  • Does not engage in or permits psychological coercion or any form of harassment to punish the workers.
  • Does not interfere with workers right to organize and join association of their own choosing.
  • Has current provision and observations of Health and Safety standards.
  • Is dedicated to the protection of the Environment – which includes but is not limited to the compliance with all applicable Environmental Laws and Regulations and EU Organic standards

Our work and standards are continuously audited and monitored by government and non-government institutions

Yours Faithfully

Director of Operations - Sri Lanka