Tea Sticks

Nespresso®* Compatible. Biodegradable. Organic.

Tea Sticks

Ideal for to go

Easy to dose

Our tea sticks also make precise dosing for the perfect cup of tea very easy. Tedious portioning and fiddling with loose tea and tea strainers are a thing of the past, as each stick contains exactly the right amount of fine quality cut tea for one portion. In addition, each tea stick is flavour-sealed, tear-proof and waterproof. So even if you have opened a pack, the flavour of the tea is not lost. The hot water absorbs the flavour of the tea perfectly through the perforated food film and you can enjoy your tea after just a few minutes!

Tea sticks offer a built-in "stirring function"

Our tea sticks represent a unique form of tea packaging that is unbeatably easy to handle. The shape of the tea stick was therefore deliberately chosen. Not only does the stick serve as an in-built "tea filter", it can also be used for stirring. Removing the stick is clean and, above all, drip-free - tea enjoyment could hardly be more uncomplicated.

You will find a wide range of teas in this innovative shape in our shop. Let us inspire you with a small selection.

Green Sencha-Tea

This creation of green Sencha tea from the interior of Ceylon combined with refreshing mint offers a particularly invigorating tea flavour. The delicately tart flavour of Sencha harmonises wonderfully with the fine mint note and is certainly a discovery for many tea lovers.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is probably one of the most traditional and long-lasting favourites among black teas. The fine lemony flavour of Bistrotea Earl Grey is provided by the fine Italian bergamot. The modern stick packaging gives this classic tea a whole new twist.

Organic Fruit Berry-Tea

In Chinese medicine, tea has always been used to heal illnesses. The particularly fruity organic Fruit Berry tea made from elderberries, sweet blackberry leaves, beetroot and goji berries combines the fresh fruit flavour with the powers of the goji berry, which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to revive the spirits. The fine acidity of the hibiscus blossom makes the tea wonderfully refreshing.

Organic Herbs n' Honey

In addition to fennel, eucalyptus and orange leaves, this fresh tea variant also contains honey, rooibos (rooibos) and mint. This combination of several seemingly very different ingredients is what gives this tea its unusual and special flavour.

Simply prepared

Iced tea is also ready in no time with tea sticks

Especially in the hot summer months, a delicious iced tea is a popular refreshment. This can be made easily and in just a few simple steps with a tea stick. Simply place the tea stick in a glass, pour hot water over it and fill the glass with ice after the desired brewing time. Add a little sugar as desired, stir with the stick and enjoy!