Tea capsules for Nespresso

Organic tea capsules

Simply enjoy

Organic tea enjoyment made easy - that's the aim of our tea capsules for Nespresso: in just a few simple steps, tea lovers can enjoy a delicious cup of organic tea. Simply insert the capsule into the machine, press the button and the organic quality tea is ready. In no time at all, you can expand the selection of different types of coffee in your Nespresso machine to include numerous high-quality teas in capsule form. Speed and convenience are by no means at the expense of the environment: our tea capsules for Nespresso are biodegradable and therefore guarantee the pleasure of tea with a clear conscience. Because each of our products should contribute to a good environmental balance. From the selection of the individual tea varieties directly from the plantations around the world to the finished tea capsule for your Nespresso machine, we at Bistrotea take every step very seriously.

The perfect cup of tea

Our tea capsules for your Nespresso machine are therefore an ideal, modern alternative to conventional tea bags. Convenient yet sustainable, you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea even when you're short on time. Each capsule contains just the right amount of loose tea for a cup of your favourite flavour. All our tea capsules for Nespresso are also filled exclusively with our tried and tested certified organic tea, which we have carefully selected.

Choose your favourite variety

The only difficulty that remains for tea lovers is the agony of choice. Which variety should end up in your teacup today? Here are our tea varieties, which we offer in Nespresso machine-compatible tea capsules. Choose your favourite tea:

English Breakfast tea

English Breakfast tea is an absolute classic among teas and a favourite of many tea lovers. The plantation on which our organic English Breakfast tea grows is located in the beautiful highlands of Uva in Ceylon. The cool climate and rocky soil give this tea its unique flavour.

Earl Grey tea

Tea connoisseurs have always appreciated the refreshing flavour of Earl Grey tea. The fresh bergamot flavour makes Earl Grey a real treat. Our Earl Grey tea is also based on organic black tea from Uva/Ceylon.

Organic Green Tea Lemon

The best things in life are often the simplest. We only use two top-quality ingredients for our Organic Green Tea Lemon: organically grown green tea and lemongrass (Cymbopogon citrates). Here you can enjoy a very rare green tea speciality from Ceylon in combination with a fine lemongrass note.

Fruit Berry Tea

Tea lovers who like it fruity are in the right place with our Fruit Berry tea. Made from the small red goji berries (Lycium barbarum), this tea offers a particularly fruity, fresh infusion. By the way: Goji berries are sometimes referred to as "natural Viagra" and have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Japanese Matcha

Japanese matcha is green tea that has been ground into the finest powder and is also traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony. The intense green colour is an unmistakable distinguishing feature of this wonderfully aromatic tea. In addition, the special processing method ensures an extremely high concentration of valuable ingredients in every cup of matcha tea.

Herbs 'n Honey herbal tea blend

Rooibos is the Afrikaans name for a caffeine-free tea that is traditionally drunk in South Africa. Our tasty Herbs 'n Honey herbal tea blend is based on a rooibos base, refined with honey, fine mint, eucalyptus, fennel and wild orange leaves. Simply delicious!

Organic tea in biodegradable tea capsules for Nespresso

Our tea capsules for Nespresso are not only biodegradable, they are also made from 100 per cent renewable raw materials. This makes them doubly sustainable. No aluminium and no plastic are used here! Our company's philosophy therefore also includes avoiding the use of packaging with a negative environmental impact wherever possible. Although the used capsules are biodegradable, they should still be disposed of in the yellow bin.

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